What Kind of Pothole Damage Is There?

Imagine driving along a smooth and paved road to suddenly feeling a drop that makes your entire car shake. That is how potholes sneak up on you. They cause your vehicle to pull away harshly. Potholes can be found everywhere on the road, and they can be a major pain to deal with. When your vehicle hit potholes hard enough or too often, it can cause some serious damage to your automobile. While you can sometimes dodge them, other times you can't. 

If you've recently driven over a deep pothole, please check your car for any signs of trouble:

  • Tires - The first part you should check is, of course, your tires. They had a direct impact on the pothole, so they can take the biggest hit in terms of damage. Some common examples of damage include tire bulges, tread reformation, tears, and more. 
  • Wheels - Next, you will want to evaluate if anything dented your wheels. If that checks out, make sure your wheels are still properly aligned. If you notice your vehicle veering after the incident, your wheels may have shifted out of alignment.
  • Suspension - Potholes can also do a number on the suspension system since it does a big part in absorbing the impacts of the hit. If your car feels significantly unstable or bouncier, you should check your shocks and struts, and even ball joints. Some people find it easiest to perform the bounce test.
  • Exhaust - Last but not least, you should check your vehicle's undercarriage. Since this area is mostly related to your vehicle's exhaust system, do a quick check of the exhaust pipe, muffler, and catalytic converter. Make sure none of them are severely scraped up or leaking.

If you need help spotting these areas of your vehicle, turn to the experts at Oceanworks Berkeley for help. We have repaired many vehicles that have suffered pothole damage before. When you bring your car to our team, we can perform a visual inspection of your vehicle to determine if anything needs repairs or replacements. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

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