What Does Sputtering Mean for Your Vehicle?

We heavily depend on our cars every day to get us from point a to point b. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, sedan, truck, SUV, or convertible, no car is perfect. You're going to need repairs from time to time. One of the most frustrating symptoms that anyone can encounter is a sputtering vehicle. Envision placing your foot on the gas pedal just to go nowhere. 


What Are the Common Reasons Behind a Sputtering Engine?

Usually, a sputtering engine indicates a fuel-related problem. Furthermore, an empty gas tank is also going to cause sputtering. Sadly, the other cases of sputtering vehicles tend to be more severe.


Fuel System

When your car doesn't get the proper air and fuel ratio, your engine won't combust correctly to power your vehicle. If you have a damaged fuel pump, filter, or injector, then you're likely to experience that uncomfortable feeling. If this problem continues, you could even end up with a complete engine breakdown.


Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are the second most common problem when it comes to engine sputter. Fortunately, it's a quick fix for us mechanics. If your spark plugs are aging, you simply need to replace them for optimal engine performance.


Mass Airflow Sensor 

The MAF sensor manages the weight and temperature of the air flowing through your engine. When the sensor gets filthy or contaminated, it can make your engine run very weak and lower your gas mileage. 


Catalytic Converter 

In rare cases, your catalytic converter could be the culprit. A catalytic converter limits the emissions put out by your vehicle. If it's not working right, your engine will likely experience some sputtering.


If you've encountered this problem with your vehicle recently, then we highly suggest you get the issue diagnosed by a professional. At Oceanworks Berkely, our expert has many years of experience repairing the topics shown above. Please give us a call or visit today!

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