Top Signs Your Cooling System Is in Trouble

Whenever you start your vehicle, the engine heats up progressively, and it might get to extreme temperatures. Each vehicle is thus fit with a cooling system to prevent overheating and other engine troubles. The heating system functions in removing the excess heat from the engine. It also maintains an optimum operating temperature inside the vehicle and restores the right temperature to the engine. The cooling system is thus crucial to ensure a safe ride and prevent damage to essential car components.

The cooling system is a composition of the;

  • Radiator

  • Fan

  • Thermostat

  • Water pump

  • Freeze plug among other components

Malfunctioning of any parts causes significant danger to the engine. It is easy to detect possible trouble with the cooling system. Some signs that indicate a failing cooling system include;

Smoke from Underneath the Hood

If you notice smoke emission from underneath the car hood, consider pulling over and check the vehicle first. You can add coolant or water to get the temperatures down as you wait to get to our auto repair shop. Failure to take action might cause damage such as a blown head gasket and other serious issues.

Rising Gauge Temperatures

A rising temperature gauge is an almost sure indication of a failing cooling system. Malfunctions in the cooling system cause the gauge to rise to the red zone. When this happens, ensure to pull off as soon as possible and get a mechanic to diagnose the vehicle properly, and conduct repairs to guarantee safety on the road.

Low Coolant Levels

If the coolant level runs low below the vehicle's manual. It might indicate a faulty cooling system. It could indicate a potential leak of the coolant that requires mechanical intervention. Sometimes you might physically notice the leak after packing your car and observe sweet-smelling liquid on the ground.

White Steam

An overheating car may produce excessive white fumes. It might be a result of coolant burn in the combustion chamber. It is enough reason for worry since it could indicate a crack in the engine block.

Proper maintenance of the cooling system is essential to ensure you do not get stuck on the road, among other inconveniences. If you need your coolant checked for any repairs, our auto repair shop is always open. Our ASE-certified technicians work round the clock to fix your vehicle and guarantee your safety when driving.

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