The 3 Types of Brake Pads

Brake pads are a necessary part of your car's brake system that needs to be replaced every so often. These pads provide friction that is able to stop your vehicle smoothly and efficiently. To bring your vehicle to a safe stop, the brake pads clamp onto the brake rotor based on how hard you step on your brake pedal.

What Are Brake Pads Made Out Of?

Generally, there are three kinds of brake pads: organic, semi-metallic (or metallic), and ceramic

Organic Brake Pads

These brake pads are typically made of various materials such as rubber or carbon. These types of brake pads are best recommended for those who primarily use their cars for everyday commutes. They are also the lowest price point of the three choices, but they require the most frequent service. 

Semi-Metallic/Metallic Brake Pads 

Semi-metallic and metallic brake pads contain strong metals like copper, iron, and steel. This type of brake pad is widely used in high-performance vehicles. Metallic brakes offer better brake performance than organic brake pads in different temperatures and weather conditions. This is because metallic brake pads can put out the heat quicker. A slight disadvantage of metal is that it can be loud at times.

Ceramic Brake Pads 

Ceramic brake pads are made of (you guessed it) ceramic blend materials. While they are more costly than organic and metallic brake pads, ceramic brakes are very quiet, produce less braking byproducts, and have consistent performance in various conditions. 

Have you ever considered switching to a different type of brake pad? If you do, please consult with our certified technicians. We can inspect and replace your brake parts with ease! For reliable brake services in Berkeley, CA, please call or bring your vehicle to our shop.

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