Simple Car Buying Guide

It's easy buying a car when you know what you are looking for. But what if you have no clue what to get? It can be confusing with all the makes and models on the market. Depending on your needs, you will find a couple of options that might work for you down below.

Spacious And Comfortable Options

Tired of bumpy rides or need a lot of space in your vehicle? The answer you are looking for is a truck or SUV. The difference between the two is that the truck has an open bed for storage at the back, and the SUV has extra seating, which can be converted into a trunk. Both of them offer a very comfortable driving experience with a variety of power options.

Sporty But Family Friendly

If you want to combine having fun and picking up the kids from school, you should look at sedans and wagons. They offer a wide range of engine configurations, interior specs, and extras, so you can pick whichever works best for you. In this range of vehicles, there are some very luxurious and powerful ones, suitable for every occasion.

For Enthusiast Drivers

There is nothing bad in just wanting to have fun on the road. There are hundreds of models of coupes, cabriolets, and hot hatchbacks that are just for that. Some models go for as little as $10-15,000, which pack quite a punch for the price. If you are a real car enthusiast, some models reach millions of dollars, which are some of the world's fastest cars.

Extreme Terrain And Utility

If your daily life or job requires an offroad or utility vehicle, you should be looking at a couple of things. The main features you should be looking for are: durability, ride height, four-wheel drive, and storage space. The most important of them all is the four-wheel drive or 4x4. It can save you in some very serious situations and keep you on the road no matter what.

Picking the right vehicle for your daily life can be difficult, but knowing the differences between them can narrow down the list of options. Also, repairs and maintenance should be kept in mind while determining your budget.

With the variety of makes and models, there is something for everyone. We advise you to look around for a while and make sure you see all the options so you won't regret the choice you made.

Aside from following our guide, make sure you get a pre-purchase inspection when looking to by a pre-owned vehicle. Please call or visit Oceanworks Berkeley for all your automotive needs!

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