Signs You Need New Tires

Most drivers tend to forget about their car’s legs – yes, we are referring to your tires. They play an integral role in the safety and performance of our cars. Not only should you maintain its pressure, but you should pay attention to its tread wear and pattern. Let’s not forget that they can sometimes get damaged too. Overall, tire health can drastically make a difference in your vehicle’s handling and braking performance.


All the factors mentioned above can play a part in determining when your next tire change is. To be specific, here are several indications that mean you’re due for a tire replacement:

  • Poor Air Pressure - If one or more of your tires struggle to retain air pressure, you should have it checked out for damage. In some cases, a tire can be patched. Severe penetrations can require a replacement instead. 
  • Low Tire Tread or Bald Tires - Naturally, when the ridges on our tires get too low – it is time to change out your tires. There are laws requiring your tires to meet a certain threshold since tire traction is key to protecting yourself and others on the road. You can monitor your tire tread using the penny test or a tool.
  • Uneven Tire Tread - If you haven’t been keeping up with your tire maintenance, there’s a good likelihood that the tires will wear unevenly. Some might wear on the outer edges while others show more wear on the inner edges. Regardless, a certain uneven wear pattern on your tires can be bad enough to require new tires.
  • Cracks - If the rubber in your tires has visible cracks, it's time for new tires. Cracks can occur when tires age. But, poor maintenance and tire misuse can also accelerate their development.
  • Tire Bubbling - When you notice a bubble or weird circular bump on your tire, it is a clear sign that you need new tires. Sometimes, this can be a production issue. If that is the case, make sure to check the warranty.
  • Tire Age - Most automakers will recommend replacing your tires as early as every 5-6 years. However, tires should not be used if they are 10 years older. 

Tires are key to your safety on the road. They are investment pieces, with a hefty price tag and regular maintenance. It is your responsibility to keep them in good shape and know when to swap them out. 


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