Road Trip Games That Aren't Boring

Travel time with family and friends today is often spent with everyone occupying themselves with a smartphone or tablet. Getting caught up in the digital device world is a common reality, but most of us could benefit from an occasional screen time break and more human interaction. With a little pre-trip planning, your traveling crew can share some device-free laughter and lighthearted competition. We've put together some fun road trip games that are sure to beat travel boredom.

  • 21 Questions - Select a passenger to think of a place, person, or thing, but they don't say it aloud. The other passengers get to take turns asking up to a total of 21 questions, OR until someone guesses the mystery answer correctly. The one who guessed correctly wins and gets to choose the next mystery answer.
  • Casting Call Game - Movie fans will like this one! The first person chooses a name of any actor or actress. The next person has 30 seconds to come up with a movie title that actor starred in....the next person then names an actor who starred in that specific movie.....the next person names a movie the newly mentioned actor/actress starred in....and so on, and so on. The first person who can't name a movie title or actor within 30 seconds is eliminated.
  • The Picnic Game - The first player starts the game by saying, "I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing __________." They can name any food they want. The next person says "I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing (1st person's item) and __________." The next person always has to recite, by memory, all the items named by the players before them, and add their own item. It's fun to see how far this one goes!
  • State Fun Trivia - Prior to your trip, make a list of all the states you will be travelling through. With a bit of light online research, make notes of several interesting facts about those states. Create trivia questions from those facts. During your trip, once you reach a different state, ask the passengers the trivia questions you have compiled about that specific state.

Before the road fun begins, it's important your vehicle is vacation ready and safe for the highway. Bring your car, truck, SUV, or minivan into our auto service shop for a thorough inspection. Not only will you have the safest ride possible, you will also have peace of mind.

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