Is There a Warning Light for Low Transmission Fluid?

The transmission fluid is one of the most vital parts of a healthy and well-performing vehicle. This is the fluid that lubricates the gears, transmission, bearings, and all metal components of an automatic and manual gearbox. It, therefore, keeps the metallic components from grinding against each other, tearing and wearing the surfaces.

Usually, transmission fluid is red or pinkish, although, on rare occasions, you might findthem in other colors. It is typically translucent when fresh and in perfect condition and appears brown, dark- red and sometimes milky when it goes bad.

So Does the Warning Come Light Come On for Low Transmission Fluid?

There are numerous signs of low transmission fluid, and the engine warning light is one of them. This is the fastest and easiest way to detect a car's problem. The light is part of a vehicle's onboard diagnostic system. A warning light mostly indicates a higher fluid temperature than usual, and you might want to get it checked immediately.

Other Signs of Low Transmission

Slipping Problems

Low transmission fluid leads to poor vehicle-engine synchronization translating to transmission slipping problems. Whenever you engage your gear, it will keep slipping and will not maintain the selected mode. If not corrected, this might lead to other gear-engagement problems. 

Shifting Problems

The lower the car transmission fluid, the harder it is to shift the gears. That means that if the fluid runs extremely low, it might be impossible to shift from one gear to another at all.

Transmission Overheating

If your vehicle's transmission suddenly begins to overheat, it is a sign of trouble, and a low transmission fluid might be the main culprit. Do not ignore this sign, as it might quickly lead to the failure of the entire transmission system.

Operating your vehicle with low transmission fluid is dangerous to you and your vehicle Extremely low transmission fluids lead to wear and tear on the transmission system. Resultantly, the transmission might overheat, eventually risking failing. It is, therefore, crucial that you stay on top of your vehicle's transmission system and ensure that the fluid does not run too low. If the transmission warning light is on, or you suspect there's a problem with the transmission, bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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