Does My Car Need a Tune-up?

What Can a Tune-up Do?

A tune up can save your engine. It can increase its life span and make driving easier. Getting a regular tune-up should involve an initial inspection of your entire engine to check for items such as your fuel pump to ensure that it is in proper working order. Your mechanic should check all parts, top off fluids as needed, and even inspect the fuel injector for safety and efficiency.

Spark plugs and filters should be examined to see if they are clean and in good condition. All items should be covered, from the car's ignition to the air, oil and gas filters. What is needed depends on what your mechanic discovers at the time that this critical inspection is performed. In the meantime, there are symptoms that tell you when it's time for a tune-up.

When Your Car Needs a Tune-up: What You Need to Know

You start your engine and suddenly your lights come on and stay on while you're driving. You may begin to notice that your car is stalling as well. This is noted as you accelerate. Your vehicle takes a moment to move no matter how hard you try to floor the pedal. This is a fatal problem that can cause collisions and must be tended to promptly.

Other major warning signs include a decrease in your fuel economy as you notice the frequency of how often you're needing to fuel up. This comes with a high price when you spend more money just to ensure that your vehicle operates on a full tank.

When you start to see other problems like failing brakes that squeal or a transmission that is jerky during shifting, then it's time to schedule a tune-up.

And if your vehicle suddenly starts to vibrate, shake, or show any other unusual moves, it's best to seek the services of a professional mechanic right away.

What to Expect

When getting a tune-up, you can expect to have the mechanic check your ignition, including spark plugs, wires, and other areas of that system. They should also inspect and assess the filters, check all hoses, and determine if anything should be replaced. All vital fluids should be examined to see if they're at the appropriate levels during a routine tune-up.

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