Common Signs You Have a Brake Leak

Your vehicle will not be completely safe or drivable without healthy, properly functioning brakes. A malfunctioning brake system can indicate a major brake leak. There are four components within the braking system where a brake leak can occur. If you suspect a brake leak, it may be inside the brake line, the front brake caliper, the rear brake caliper, or the brake master center. To help you identify whether your brake system is suffering from a leak, below are a few common signs to look out for. 

There’s visible brake fluid seeping out.
Check underneath your vehicle near the wheels and see if you notice any leaked fluid. Brake fluid will be the consistency and color of vegetable oil. If you suspect brake fluid is seeping out, pop the hood and check the brake fluid level. If the fluid is much lower than it should be, bring your vehicle to one of our technicians immediately. The lower the brake fluid, the more dangerous the drive, and merely topping off the fluid will not be helpful.    

Unusual brake pedal performance.
If there’s a brake leak, air can enter the brake lines and impact its performance. Air inside the brake lines will limit the ability of the fluid to flow. Air in the brake lines will cause the pedal to feel spongy and soft. Air can also cause condensation to form inside the brake lines. When this occurs, the brake, the pedal will flow towards the floor the moment you press on it. Both of these issues require immediate attention. One of our technicians can bleed the brakes to remove all air and replace it with clean fluid.  

The ABS warning light comes on.
In some cases, you may not notice any leaked fluid or pedal symptoms right away. In some cases, the ABS warning light will illuminate before signs occur. The ABS light is an early indication that your brakes need to be serviced. 

 Brake maintenance and service in Berkeley, CA

Oceanworks Berkeley has expert technicians that have been serving the Bay Area for over fifty years. If you notice any of the above signs, have your brakes inspected and repaired right away. Malfunctioning brakes will cause your vehicle to struggle to stop or slow down. This can render the drive extremely dangerous for you and your passengers. Don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in; our team is currently offering a brake inspection for $49. Click here to schedule an appointment


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