Beach Bound: Cleaning and Protecting Your Car from Sand and Saltwater

Spending time at the beach is a great way to enjoy summer. It may be enjoyable and adventurous but may harm your car. If you don't clean sand and saltwater properly from your car, you may have problems.

How To Clean Your Car

A clean car is essential to avoid potential damage from sand clogs. You can get rid of salt water and sand from your car in the following ways:

1. Rinse Thoroughly

It's essential to rinse off accumulated sand or saltwater from your car immediately after spending time at the beach. A pressure washer or hosepipe can help you clean effectively. When spraying water, focus on the undercarriage, wheel wells, and grille. These areas accumulate sand easily.

2. Hand Wash Carefully

Once rinsed off, hand wash your car using a mild detergent designed for automotive use. Avoid using household detergents as they can strip away protective coatings on your vehicle's paintwork.

3. Don't Forget About the Undercarriage

Saltwater can cause corrosion in metal components underneath your car; hence cleaning the undercarriage is equally essential. Consider using an undercarriage cleaner or use professional services offering thorough undercarriage washes.

4. Wax On

To provide an extra layer of protection against sand particles scratching the surface of your vehicle while driving home from the beach, apply a high-quality wax after washing and drying thoroughly.

5. Clean Interior Upholstery

While at the beach, you may need to get into your car occasionally. This may facilitate sand to get in your car. To clean the interior, vacuum the seats and mats.

6. Regular Maintenance

After your beach adventures, visiting an auto repair shop for regular maintenance checks is advisable. An expert can inspect your car for corrosion signs or damage caused by saltwater exposure and address them promptly.

If you need additional assistance with your auto services and repairs this summer, please visit Oceanworks Berkeley in Berkeley, CA soon!

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