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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Can a Dirty Engine Air Filter Affect Engine Performance?

Can a Dirty Engine Air Filter Affect Engine Performance?

Engine air filters are actually more critical to your car's performance than you think. Failure to keep them in good condition can cause major impediments to your car's reliability. Here is some more information to help you understand air filters and how they can affect your vehicle's performance.   The primary purpose of a car's engine air filter is to ensure that large contaminating items like leaves, bugs, dust, debris, and other foreign objects don't get into the engine's sensitive points. The air filter also prevents allergens like pollen from getting into the systems during the spring season.    How Can a Dirty/Clogged Air Filter Affect Performance? As with any other vehicle part, an engine air filter needs to change over time. As the filter tends to collect a large amount of dust, debris, and other blockages, the filter will get clogged over time. Once the air filter becomes clogged, the airflow is blocked from the vehicle's engine ... read more

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