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5 Most Important Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

5 Most Important Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

So, you are enjoying a beautiful ride on the freeway, and then a warning light suddenly illuminates the dashboard. Mostly, these lights are accompanied by a beep and a sinking sensation in your stomach, probably because you are not sure what the light means or what you are supposed to do. Your vehicle's dashboard lights have numerous symbols which light up every time you hit the start key but go off almost immediately. So what do you do when one remains, on-and what does it mean? In that case, you must get your car checked out, even when it feels totally fine to drive. Most Common Car Warning Lights Engine Temperature Warning Light This symbol is a red flag for an overheating engine. It mostly indicates an issue with the engine coolant (antifreeze), among other problems. It would be best to drop by an auto repair shop immediately after this symbol pops up to avoid further serious damages. Tire Pressure Warning Light The TPMS warns you when your tire is under or over-inflated ... read more

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