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Road Trip Games That Aren't Boring

Road Trip Games That Aren't Boring

Travel time with family and friends today is often spent with everyone occupying themselves with a smartphone or tablet. Getting caught up in the digital device world is a common reality, but most of us could benefit from an occasional screen time break and more human interaction. With a little pre-trip planning, your traveling crew can share some device-free laughter and lighthearted competition. We've put together some fun road trip games that are sure to beat travel boredom. 21 Questions - Select a passenger to think of a place, person, or thing, but they don't say it aloud. The other passengers get to take turns asking up to a total of 21 questions, OR until someone guesses the mystery answer correctly. The one who guessed correctly wins and gets to choose the next mystery answer. Casting Call Game - Movie fans will like this one! The first person chooses a name of any actor or actress. The next person has 30 seconds to come up with a mov ... read more

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