Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Inflation is raising the cost of nearly everything, especially gas. Taking steps to go further on one tank will help you save money on gas and reduce the number of trips to the gas station you have to make. Here are some tips to help you increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Drive More Smoothly

One of the best ways to increase your fuel efficiency is to avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking. By driving smoothly and coming to gradual stops, you can avoid wasting gas. Stopping and starting reduces fuel economy by up to 30% on the highway.

Shift Gears Conservatively

Downshifting to slow down reduces your fuel efficiency. Instead, upshift as soon as you are able and use your brakes to slow down rather than downshifting.

Follow the Speed Limit

Increasing your speed actually decreases fuel efficiency. Reduce your driving speed after about 50 miles per hour if you can, even on highways.

Utilize Cruise Control

Constant speed fluctuations are not good for fuel economy. By minimizing these fluctuations, you can save both gas and money. Use cruise control when you can, but be careful not to use it slippery or low visibility conditions.

Don't Idle

Idling excessively is a huge waste of gas. You could lose up to half a gallon of gas while idling, but you can reduce this by shutting off the engine if you will be there for more than a minute. Restarting will be easy and efficient, as a warm engine only uses 10 seconds worth of gas to start up again.

Minimize Needless Driving

If you have several stops you need to make, you can combine them to save gas. Plan your trip and determine which errands can be taken care of at one location (such as a shopping center or business plaza) and which ones are close to each other.

Avoid Rush Hour Traffic When You Can

If your schedule is flexible, try to travel outside of rush hour. If you can't control the time you need to go to work or arrive for an appointment, consider bringing someone with you so you can use the carpool lane. Perhaps you can combine both your schedules and drop them off nearby your destination?

If you feel like your gas mileage is off due to a mechanical issue, feel free to bring your car by Oceanworks Berkeley today. Our experts will examine your vehicle's systems to find if anything is hurting your gas mileage.

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