Maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in its best shape

Your car is perhaps one of the most valuable items you will ever own. But like any other machine, a car is subject to wear and tear, and it will at some point need repairs. However, a lot of expensive repairs can be avoided or at least postponed through regular maintenance. In other words, by taking good care of your car you can prolong its life and that of its parts and consequently make significant savings. Below is a rundown of some tips that you can trust to keep your vehicle in its best shape.

Clean Your Car Regularly

Most people do clean their cars on a regular basis. However, there is more to cleaning a car than just making the exterior shine and vacuuming the interior. You drive through all kinds of roads and streets, and therefore, your car encounters all kinds of unsavory things, ranging from winter salt to road grime. As such, when washing your car, you need to hose off its underside to get rid of these potentially harmful substances.

Change Oil

Oil is like your car's blood, and without it, your car won't go far without causing you problems. The oil should be changed every 3000 to 3500 miles. Although some oil manufacturers claim that their oil can go for 10,000 miles, you shouldn't go for more than 5000 miles without changing oil.

Check Brake Fluid

Along with the engine, the braking system is the most important component of your car. Needless to say, the braking system protects your life while driving, and therefore, you must take good care of it. Although there are accidents that cannot be avoided, those caused by faulty braking systems can be avoided. You simply need to check the brake fluid regularly and change it when needed.

Grease and Lubricate Regularly

Like any other machine with moving parts, your car needs regular greasing and lubricating to keep its performance at the highest level. Some of the parts that require regular lubrication include the suspension system and the steering arm. Other smaller parts that may need lubrication include door locks, door hinges, door seals, and window tracks, among others.

If you need vehicle maintenance performed, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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