Does Power Steering Fluid Need To Be Replaced?

Modern cars have power steering, meaning they have power steering fluid. The hydraulic fluid transfers the power in the power steering system and determines how easily you can turn the steering wheel. Most drivers do not consider changing the power steering fluid as part of vehicle maintenance, but it is. You need to regularly replenish the power steering fluid. Read on to find out why.

Reasons To Replace Power Steering Fluid

There are several reasons you need to replace the power steering fluid, including:


Your power steering system, like other parts of your vehicle, is prone to getting dirty. Dust and other elements will enter the power steering, and it will contaminate the power steering fluid. When contamination occurs, the fluid turns into a sludge that is inefficient at power distribution, negatively affecting steering control.
You need to replace the power steering fluid to avoid contamination and its adverse effects. Check if the liquid is red, which means it is clean, but if it turns dark, it is contaminated and requires replacing. Moreover, control issues with the power steering put you and others at great risk.


When the power steering fluid is contaminated or inadequate, there will be no lubrication of the steering. It will result in screeching noises that can affect your driving experience. Whenever you hear noises coming from the steering, you should check your power steering fluid. Flush it and replace it with clean fluid.


You should check your power steering fluid levels to ensure that there are no leaks. It is challenging to know if there is a leak in the power steering system, so checking the fluid regularly is the best way to know of a leak. A leak of power steering fluid will ruin your steering and negatively affect other parts of the power steering system. It could also have devastating consequences since you will have little to no steering control. You should have a power steering leak rectified immediately.
Power steering fluid is essential for driving. Bring your car to Oceanworks Berkeley today for power steering fluid flush.

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