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Signs It’s Time for a Fuel System Cleaning

Signs It’s Time for a Fuel System Cleaning

Regardless of your caution or the quality of your gasoline, fuel systems require upkeep. Your fuel system may become clogged with air and gasoline impurities over time. This lowers engine output and fuel efficiency and may make it difficult to start or maintain engine operation. Here is how you will know when your car needs a fuel system cleaning; Gas mileage is poor Your engine will consume more fuel if it doesn't get enough fuel to balance the air/fuel ratio. Although it might appear that clogged injectors would improve fuel efficiency because less fuel is pumped through them, this is untrue. The engine that is low on fuel will need more fuel to run. Trouble with Idling and Starting Starting issues and/or harsh idling are further signs of a fuel system issue. For instance, if your automobile is difficult to start and you smell gasoline, it's possible that the fuel pump is jammed in the open spot and fuel has filled your engine. In contrast, if your car idles jerkily, your ... read more

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