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Monthly Archives: October 2021

The Different Types of Windshield Wiper Fluid

The Different Types of Windshield Wiper Fluid

Yep - you heard that right. Although all wiper fluid serves the same purpose, to clean and clear your windshield to improve your road visibility, there are many different varieties available on the market. They can also vary in price. Today, we'll be going over the different types, including standard, de-icing, and resistant types. Standard Fluid Standard washer fluid is the most basic form, and sometimes it can be known as all-season windshield washer fluid or general-purpose fluid. This type of cleaner is usually the least expensive to get and is widely available at gas stations, supermarkets, convenience stores, and even Amazon. This basic inexpensive washer fluid will likely do the job of keeping your windshield clean when conditions are relatively neutral. However, if you live in harsh conditions, then you should consider upgrading to something more problem-focused. De-icing Fluid Sometimes, if you get a cheap windshield washer fluid, it can freeze in super cold temperatur ... read more

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