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Top Warning Signs that You Need New Brakes

Top Warning Signs that You Need New Brakes

  Did you know that new brakes may be needed in as few as 20,000 miles or as long as 70,000 miles? Brakes wear down at different rates based on road conditions, usage, driver habits, and the type of vehicle you have. Some vehicles give audio and visual warnings (such as a brake light) when your vehicle needs new brakes. You need to look out for these changes when you are slowing down or coming to a complete stop.  1. Responsiveness Issues  Suppose you notice that your brakes are slower to respond, or if the brake pedal feels loose, you will definitely need to get them checked out. This problem, most of the time, coincides with the vehicle’s brake lines.  2. Grinding Sounds  A grinding metal sound that erupts when you come to a stop is a sign that it is time for new brakes. This sound comes from tiny metal ridges on the bottom of the brake pad to alert the driver that the brakes have worn down. As soon as you hear this sound, take your vehicle to our ... read more

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