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How Do I Know If My Subaru's Head Gasket is Failing?

If you own a Subaru, you may already be familiar with the dreaded head gasket failure that seems to be common with certain Subaru models. It’s true - there is a large amount of Subaru owners that will deal with head gasket failure in their vehicle’s lifetime, more often than other vehicles. The head gasket problems are an issue that affects the EJ25 engines in Subaru models. Some of the affected models include: Forester - 1999 through 2010 Impreza - 1999 through 2011 Outback - 2000 through 2009 Legacy - 2000 through 2009 Baja - 2003 through 2005 What exactly is a head gasket? The head gasket is a component that is placed between the block and cylinder heads in the engine. Its job is to ensure that engine oil and coolant don’t cross paths, and that combustion pressures are properly sealed to not affect the cooling system. Due to the way that engine’s are designed in these models, often referred to as boxer-style engines, they sit lower in the vehicle which ... read more

What Maintenance Does My Honda Need?

Honda vehicles are known for their excellent reliability and quality performance without breaking the bank. They are great vehicles for commuters, families, college students, and anyone looking for a long-lasting vehicle. If you expect your vehicle to last you throughout the years, your top priority should be your Honda’s maintenance. Regular vehicle maintenance is the key to ensuring that your vehicle’s integrity is protected and that it remains dependable on the road. When you don’t take care of your vehicle, you risk major issues occurring that can sabotage your vehicle’s performance and cost you thousands in repairs. That is why Honda (and all other vehicle manufacturers) provide a factory recommended maintenance schedule for car owners to follow. Following manufacturer service recommendations is beneficial for a number of different reasons, including: Higher resale value in the future Less money spent on major repairs Increased performance and longevit ... read more

How Do I Know If My Honda's Shocks & Struts Are Bad?

Shocks and struts are important parts of your Honda’s suspension system. As you drive, the shocks and struts absorb movement from the road which helps your ride to be smooth. When the shocks and struts aren’t working properly, you’ll notice that you feel every bump in the road and your vehicle bounces excessively after driving over speed bumps or potholes. The shock absorber is a hydraulic component that dampens shock impulses. This is done by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into another energy, which is then dissipated. The struts are actually a structural part of your vehicle’s suspension system and are mounted to the chassis of your car. This is where the coil spring is mounted, which you may have noticed when looking at your car’s suspension system. Shocks and struts work under a large amount of heat and pressure, which is why they tend to start wearing down after a certain amount of time. The typical lifespan for shocks and struts is arou ... read more

What Maintenance Does My Subaru Need?

If you own a Subaru, chances are you enjoy taking your vehicle for a drive or going on an outdoor adventure. Subarus are known for their versatility when it comes to road trips, camping, and family outings, and the best way to ensure that your vehicle remains reliable throughout the years is with proper maintenance and service. Every vehicle manufacturer has a recommended service plan that is in place to guide you on what services your vehicle needs at certain intervals. When you follow your vehicle’s factory recommendations, you’ll have a well-maintained vehicle and you’ll spare yourself from having to deal with major repairs over time. While your individual vehicle’s maintenance schedule may be different in comparison to other Subaru models, the basics for maintenance intervals are similar. The best source to truly understand what your vehicle needs is to refer to your car’s owner’s manual or look online for the proper maintenance schedule. We&rs ... read more

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