Berkeley Auto Repair

1030 Carleton St., Berkeley, CA 94710
2703 Tenth St, Berkeley, CA 94710
Mon-Thu: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Chris and CJ saved my life. I am sure of it. Not to mention my savings. OK Savings: the story speaks for itself. My tranmission seemed to have worn out-I had enough miles on the Ford Explorer to think so. The FORD Dealership wanted $1400 just to diagnose the problem, then about $3300 more for the transmission. I found Chris. He took one look (doesn't charge to take a look), changed the fluid and filter, and for about $80 I have a "new" transmission. Then a spark plug literally blew out of its screw socket from the engine-since the local Ford dealer had installed it, I took it back to them (Ford is open late at night)-Ford wanted $125 to diagnose the problem, told me it wasn't their fault (so they already knew what the problem was, grr), and said the repair required replacing the head on the engine for another ~$2500 and a week or so in the shop. I went to Chris. Chris took one look (still doesn't charge to look), said "Bring it in" and fixed it in half a day for about $180. The first time there Chris asked me if I'd noticed the truck feeling unsteady on the road. Well. I'd even scared myself the way the truck had felt out of control every time on curves at freeway speed, having to brake down to 45 and hold on for dear life. I guess the answer was yes. Chris showed me how mushy my shocks were, said I needed to replace the shocks, and do something about the suspension, which is barely so-so in my Ford Explorer. I arrogantly thought this was some kind of sales pitch, went and bought new tires and got an alignment at the recommendation of the tire guy instead. The alignment and the tire guys both asked me if I was aware how bad my shocks were. Hmmm. Went back to Chris for shocks. He said he'd been adding a specially located extra strut beneath these trucks to stop the swaying and potential loss of control. I bit the bullet and paid for the extra shock (or whatever they're called now). Well, it's a new truck. It's amazing. I am always in control on curves even at full freeway speeds. I realize now how easily I might have actually lost control of the truck, or gotten rear-ended while braking all of a sudden. hurting someone else too. Chris saved my life. No doubt about it. Now when he tells me I need something, I don't question it. I just do it. He told me I needed tires (But I had gotten new ones the year before-I wasn't sure about this, but I listened). Chris sent me(with my noisy,always unsure, slow to stop skiddy tires) to a very reputable dealer he had found and said to listen to their recommendations. The full set of tires was half the best price for the same tires anywhere else.The new tires are quiet, never skid, and bring me to a stop when I put on the brakes. I am so glad I listened to Chris. He saved my life, I am sure of it. Why go anywhere else? He is honest, won't do needless work, is smart and can figure out what's wrong, and his prices are more than fair. It's a small business, so keep your appointments, and bring your own ride if you don't want to hang out. Or, the bus runs half a block away on San Pablo.


I'll be honest. Car repair services make me nervous because when I look under the hood of a car, I see nothing but a jumble of metal and hoses. This place is great. I have a Subaru Legacy Outback and I used to have it serviced at the authorized Subaru dealership in Albany. Don't get me wrong, they provide a good service but you'll pay premium prices for it. Chris and his staff take all the mystery out of having repair and maintenance work done. I am confident when I go here that they are doing only what needs to be done. In other words, they don't view your vehicle as an endless revenue stream towards their bottom line. I am fairly certain they already have a loyal following, however, if you're in need of a garage and don't know where to turn, don't hesitate to try Oceanworks Berkeley. It's a 5-star operation all the way!

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