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Wheel Alignment in Berkeley

Oceanworks offers outstanding wheel alignment service in Berkeley – whether you drive a sedan, pickup truck, or minivan, our technicians can diagnose and correct any alignment problems your vehicle might exhibit. Wheel alignment is typically done when you buy new tires, but there are other reasons why a wheel alignment might be necessary.

As we drive on the Bay Area roads, it’s amazing how many potholes we encounter. Running over a major pothole can necessitate wheel alignment. So can hitting a curb, or even bumping into a concrete parking stall (that one takes serious bad luck to get things out of alignment, but it does happen).

Driving with wheels out of alignment can cause a number of problems: it will shorten tire life – money out of your pocket. It will also cause vibration, at first not noticeable, but over time it will get worse, and the ride will get noisier. In extreme cases, wheel misalignment can result in problems with vehicle handling.

Naturally, when your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned, you will experience the benefits of proper alignment - the ride will be smoother, tire life will improve, and as an added bonus, fuel economy will improve a bit as well.

Given the sorry state of the Bay Area roads, we recommend a wheel alignment check every 12 months or so. We use a special machine that can detect misalignment so slight that it is not discernible to the human eye. So next time you visit our Berkeley auto repair shop ask about an alignment check.

Here is a shortlist of symptoms that signal alignment check might be a good idea:

  • Tire tread is wearing unevenly – probably the most obvious sign that something is not right
  • The steering wheel is not straight when driving on a straight roadway
  • Vehicle experiences vibration when turning
  • The vehicle pulls to the left or right

Before we embark on the wheel alignment at our Berkeley auto repair shop, we perform a series of checks and inspections:

  • We inspect tires for proper inflation and we look for patterns of tire wear
  • We compare tire alignment to automobile manufacturer guidelines
  • We inspect the steering and suspension components
  • Alignment is performed on a professional alignment machine

Call Oceanworks in Berkeley to have our nationally ASE certified technicians inspect your vehicle, and if necessary, perform professional wheel alignment. Proper wheel alignment benefits ride comfort and benefits your pocketbook as well. We offer convenient online appointments or simply call us at the shop to make a wheel alignment appointment.

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