Honda Engine Rebuild in Berkeley

Your Honda is a reliable workhorse. Usually, this Japanese car maker produces high quality cars that last a long, long time. Because of its longevity, at some point in time, your Honda may need an engine rebuild.

But how can I tell if my Honda engine needs a rebuilt? What does an engine rebuild involve? What are the benefits of an engine rebuild?

3 Signs Your Honda Engine May Need Rebuilding

1. Smoke Appearing

Under the hood there may be a buildup of smoke. When it comes from your Honda engine, this is an indication of it needing to be rebuilt. Possible causes include cracked cylinder heads, blown head gasket or another component failing. Also in the engine bay, smoke can appear from a blocked air filter, poorly working emissions system, and engine ignition issues.

When the tailpipe emits blue smoke, this indicates worn out piston rings or valves, releasing oil during the combustion process and being burned on its way out of the engine.

2. Loss of Power

Driving uphill or accelerating but not getting any power? There may be many causes, but the worst case scenario could mean a rebuild. Give us a call to make an appointment, and our nationally ASE certified technicians will diagnose the root cause of the problem.

3. Engine Overheats

The amount of coolant, the wrong type of coolant and a rusty radiator can all cause your engine to run hotter than it should. Head gasket can fail if the engine overheats (yes, it’s the dreaded “blown head gasket”). White milky sludge formed on your oil cap can tell you if any coolant has leaked into the engine from a broken head gasket. If you see this, call Oceanworks Berkeley immediately.

What is involved in an Engine Rebuild?

To restore an engine to full working order, your car needs to visit an auto repair shop. We dismantle the engine and send parts, such as the lower block, to a specialist machine shop. The shop will dismantle to individual components to perform a deep clean. The block that houses the pistons is now inspected to see if there is any damage or wear.

Depending on the wear and damage, certain components are replaced. As your Honda's engine ages, typical wear items will include pistons, and piston rings, piston pin bushings, pistons wrist pins. Also main bearings and rod bearings and crankshafts may need to be replaced. Connecting rods may need to be replaced as well. Engine rebuild usually also involves resurfacing of the internal walls of the cylinder and/or cylinder head to ensure that piston rings operate as smoothly as possible. To properly complete the engine rebuild, we may also need to put in new valve covers and valve cover gaskets, oil pan, oil pump, cylinder head gaskets, and possibly new intake and exhaust valves as well.

When you bring your Honda to our Berkeley auto repair garage, we offer not only friendly service, but also expert Honda diagnostic and repair skills, and you can also anticipate:

  • Original Equipment quality parts
  • 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty
  • Written estimates
  • ASE certified mechanics

Honda engine rebuild can give you peace of mind when driving, as you know the engine has been rebuilt, inspected and given a new lease on life. Rebuild also adds many years to the life of the car. It is environmentally friendly too, as it prevents the whole engine being replaced. ECUs (Engine Control Unit) also knows your cars existing engine, and any new engine may cause electrical and programming headaches. Rebuilding is a more affordable way of getting your Honda back on the road. If your Honda exhibits any signs that could indicate a need for engine rebuild, call us today, or make an appointment online.

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