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Clutch Repair in Berkeley

Oceanworks has been providing superior auto repair services in Berkeley for decades. Clutch repair is among the services we offer.

The function of a clutch is to disengage the transmission from the motor. Transmission transfers spinning motion of the engine to the drive shaft, which in turn transfers this motion to the wheels.

But when the car is standing still or when you are shifting gears, you do not wish this transfer to be occurring – this is the time when we use the clutch to dis-engage the transmission.

Berkeley Clutch Service & Clutch Replacement

Over time clutch wears out. At some point, the clutch disc wears out to the point that it can no longer do its job correctly, and needs to be replaced. Fortunately, clutch replacement is a relatively simple operation. Another clutch repair that might be needed is the replacement of stretched cable controls.

If you see or feel any signs of clutch problems, bring your vehicle to Oceanworks for a professional inspection. Our technicians will discover the root cause of the problem and we will let you know if a simple clutch adjustment will suffice, or if clutch replacement is indeed necessary.

The reason for the inspection is that there is no set time for clutch replacement – it’s a combination of how you drive, the type of traffic you commonly encounter, and the vehicle itself.  Clutch replacement may be necessary after as few as 30,000 miles, but we have also seen vehicles that did not need clutch replacement until they went over 100,000 miles.

Common Symptoms of Clutch Problems:

  • scratching or grinding sound when shifting gears
  • when you press the clutch pedal, the pedal travels less than usual, yet the clutch disengages
  • problems shifting gears
  • going up a steep incline, the engine's revolutions go up without increase in speed

Any of the above symptoms indicate that it’s time to bring your vehicle for a professional clutch inspection. Our friendly staff will take good care of you and your vehicle, and you can expect:

  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your vehicle
  • 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty  
  • Same day service (in most cases)
  • Original Equipment or better quality parts

So if your vehicle exhibits any symptoms of clutch problems, or if you are simply uneasy about how the vehicles drives, bring it to Oceanworks in Berkeley. You can give us a call to make an appointment, or if you prefer, you can make an appointment online.

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