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Berkeley Check Engine Light Repair - Oceanworks Berkeley

Is the check engine light on? At Oceanworks we are Berkeley’s premier auto repair shop, and our nationally ASE certified technicians will professionally diagnose and repair whatever caused the check engine light to come on.

At our Berkeley auto repair shop we think of it as the “infamous” check engine light. It’s because it can come on for hundreds of conditions, many of them simple, some complex, and some that can result in extremely expensive repairs.

Our technicians use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools, and decades of auto repair experience, to diagnose the root cause of the check engine light, and formulate plan of repairs.

In some cases, check engine light “repair” means replacing a worn out gas cap. Sometimes it’s the spark plugs. Sometimes check engine light signals major problems with the catalytic converter – most of the causes require professional level diagnostic tools, and skills and experience of a technician who understands the interplay of the various vehicle sub-systems.

Since everybody likes the “Top 5” lists, here are top 5 repairs we think of when a vehicle with the check engine light is brought to our Berkeley repair shop:

  1. If you are lucky – it’s the faulty gas cap, a quick and inexpensive repair.
  2. If the spark plugs are failing, it is more expensive, and it will take more time, but you can still consider yourself lucky.
  3. Mass Airflow Sensor failure is a pretty popular cause of the check engine light coming on – this is a fairly straightforward repair and not terribly expensive.
  4. Oxygen Sensor failure can cause catalytic converter problems if not addresses in a timely manner – we do not recommend driving for prolonged time with the check engine light on.
  5. Catalytic converter failure is one of the most expensive repairs check engine light can indicate. California has very stringent air quality standards, and thus stringent standards when it comes to catalytic converters. This makes catalytic converter replacement an expensive proposition. If you do not replace the catalytic converter, you will not be able to smog and register your vehicle in California.

So what should you do if the check engine light comes ON?

Basically there are 3 cases, and two of them are a major hassle:

  1. If the check engine light comes on, stays on, but is NOT flashing, and the car engine is working normally, you can keep driving the car, though you should call your trusted mechanic within a day or two. But do not wait weeks or months to schedule an appointment – driving for weeks with check engine light “on” can cause expensive damage.
  2. Second case is if the check engine light is “on”, it is not flashing, but the engine is running rough or you feel that the car has less power – in this case look for the nearest auto repair shop and have a professional inspect the car.
  3. If the check engine light is flashing on-and-off, pull to the side of the road as soon as it is safe to do so and stop the engine. Have your vehicle towed to Oceanworks in Berkeley or another reputable auto repair shop. If you continue driving with the flashing check engine light, it can cause expensive damage.

Once you bring your vehicle to Oceanworks in Berkeley, your vehicle will undergo a professional diagnosis and we will let you know what caused the check engine light to come on, and how it can be repaired.

All repairs performed at Oceanworks in Berkeley come with:

  • 2 year / 24,000 mile parts and labor warranty
  • In most cases, same day service completion.
  • Nationally ASE certified mechanics working on your vehicle
  • We use Original Equipment or better quality parts

So next time the check engine light comes on (and it does for all of us), bring your vehicle to Oceanworks in Berkeley. We will our technicians will diagnose your vehicle and let you know what repairs it needs.

For your convenience, we offer online appointments, or call us at the shop.

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