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Auto Tune-Up in Berkeley, CA

Welcome to Oceanworks, the premier auto repair shop in Berkeley, CA. We offer a full range of automotive maintenance services and repairs, including tune-ups.

The term “tune-up” can have very different meanings, depending on the age of your vehicle. For older vehicles, tune-up involved checking that engine, ignition system, fuel system and emission control system were within the factory specifications. This involved considerable time and skill necessary to properly complete the tune-up.

Minor Tune-up could involve visual inspection for loose belts, hoses, and wires. Technicians also check for vacuum leaks and coolant leaks. Spark plugs may need to be replaced. Ignition timing is adjusted if necessary. Fuel and air filters are replaced, along with fuel system adjustment, cleaning the throttle body and idle air bypass on fuel injected engines, and a number of other tasks.

Major Tune-up, in addition to tasks involved in the minor tune-up, major tune up could also involve more diagnostics using scan tools, replacing fuel pump, replacing brake, transmission, differential and other fluids, as well as replacing sensors – oxygen sensor, cam position sensor, crankshaft position sensor and others.

For newer vehicles, tune-up involves a lot fewer adjustments – because computers adjust various parameters in real time – they do it all the time while you are driving the car. Nevertheless, even the latest automobiles will require an occasional tune-up.

So if your car has not seen a mechanic for a long time, or it is exhibiting any signs of problems, or the check engine light is on, bring it to our Berkeley auto repair shop for a service or a tune up. Our nationally ASE certified technicians will inspect your vehicles, read the codes stores in the on-board computer, and will let you know what needs to be done.

All services and repairs performed at Oceanworks are backed by 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty.

We work by appointment, so please make an appointment online, or simply call us at the shop to make an appointment.

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