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Suspension Service & Repair in Berkeley

Welcome to Oceanworks, the leading auto repair shop in Berkeley. Among the many services we provide, suspension repair is one of the most important. Worn out suspension can produce not only bumpy ride, but can negatively impact stability and control of the vehicle. 

Suspension service in Berkeley is a necessity. Between the potholes, the hills, road work, and stop and go traffic, suspension is under continuous stress. As your car gets older, shocks and struts replacement will become a necessity. Tie rods may need replacement, bushings and ball joints will wear out, CV joints can get damaged, anti-sway bars, control arms - all these components work together. If any one of them wears out of fails, it impacts the rest of them, and it impacts quality of the ride, and in the severe cases, negatively impacts vehicle control. 

Even something as innocuous as going through a pothole could knock the wheels out of alignment, resulting in accelerated tire wear. Fortunately, our nationally ASE certified technicians can diagnose and repair suspension problems your vehicle may experience. 

Suspension problems often sneak up on us, barring major failure, like control arm failure, we don’t even notice deterioration of ride quality. It’s only after mechanics replace shocks or struts, we suddenly notice how much smoother the ride is, and we also notice better control on uneven surfaces. 

Below are a few common symptoms of transmission problems – if you notice them, bring your vehicle to Oceanworks – we will inspect your vehicle’s transmission and let you know exactly what needs to be done:

  • wheel vibration
  • screeching or screaming noises when steering at low speeds.
  • after cars has gone over a bump, steering wheel slips, difficulty steering
  • vehicle pulls to one side when driving

If you notice above symptoms, bring your vehicle to Oceanworks – for your peace of mind it’s important that your vehicle undergoes professional suspension inspection. Whatever issues we find, our highly trained technicians can perform repairs and get your car ready for the road. Here is a partial list of suspension issues we can repair: shock absorber replacement, CV joints, front end suspension, inner and outer tie rods, coil springs, suspension arms, ball joints, suspension bushings, strut replacement, hub units - to name just a few. 

At Oceanworks you can expect not only 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty, but also an Eco friendly auto repair shop, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality parts, and service with a smile. 
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