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Shocks and Struts Repair & Replacement in Berkeley

Shocks & Struts Repair and Replacement in Berkeley - Oceanworks II

Shocks and struts repair is often mentioned in the same sentence, even though shocks and struts are not synonymous. At our Berkeley auto repair shop we offer both shock absorber replacement and struts replacement – among the hundreds of auto maintenance services and repairs we perform. At Oceanworks in Berkeley you can get your vehicle professionally inspected, any problems will be diagnosed, and if your vehicle needs new shocks or struts, we can provide your vehicle shock or strut replacement, usually the same day.

As mentioned previously “shocks and struts” are often referred to as if they were a unit, or as if they were interchangeable. While they do perform similar functions, they are not interchangeable. A strut cannot be replaced with a shock absorber, and a shock absorber cannot be replaced with a strut. While both shocks and struts dampen vehicle bounce and vehicle vibrations, struts also provide structural support for the suspension. Shock absorbers do not perform this function.

Most vehicles currently on the road are designed to have either all shock absorbers or all struts; a small number of vehicles are designed to have shock absorbers on one axle, and struts on the other.

Our Berkeley auto repair shop provides full range of shocks and struts diagnostics and repairs, including shock and strut replacement when necessary. In addition to regular shocks and struts, we also work with coilovers struts, coil-over shock absorbers as well as MacPherson front struts. As you vehicle ages, at some point struts or shock absorbers will need to be replaced.

Signs that Shocks or Struts need to be Replaced:

As the shocks and struts wear out over time, you may notice difficulty braking and extend braking distance. Some of the other symptoms come on so gradually that you might not even notice – but when the shocks or struts are replaced, the improvement is unmistakable. Any of the symptoms listed below should motivate you to bring your vehicle to Oceanworks in Berkeley for an inspection. While some of these symptoms don’t necessarily mean that shock or strut replacement is indicated, they do indicate a need for professional attention:

  1. Leaking fluid
  2. Vehicle nose dips while braking
  3. Tires wear unevenly
  4. Vibrations while driving
  5. It takes longer to stop the car
  6. Tapping sound when driving over bumps

Whenever you bring your vehicle to Oceanworks, you can expect not only a friendly reception, but can also anticipate:

  • 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty
  • Original Equipment or better quality parts
  • Nationally ASE certified professionals working on your vehicle
  • Same day service or repair completion in most cases.

So when you notice symptoms of potential shock or strut problems, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our technicians will perform professional inspection and provide you with answers, and recommendations for repairs, if any.

We also make it easy to setup an appointment online if you so choose – simply click this link.

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