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Berkeley Brake Fluid Testing and Exchange

Oceanworks is the premier Berkeley area auto repair shop. We offer brake fluid testing and exchange (aka brake fluid flush) among the hundreds of auto repair services and repairs we provide at our Berkeley auto repair shop.

There are a lot of misconceptions about brake fluid testing and the need for brake fluid flush. Some drivers think this is just a ploy to extract more money from customers – not so.

Brake fluid is highly hygroscopic – it absorbs moisture from the air. Over time, the water content of the brake fluid increases, causing three undesirable effects:

  1. Brake fluid loses some of its lubricating properties
  2. Parts of the brake system can become corroded
  3. When braking, fluid temperature naturally goes up from all the heat generated by the friction and transferred to the fluid. Increased water content of the brake fluid lowers its boiling point. This can negatively impact braking ability.

There is another reason to exchange brake fluid every 2 years or so – brake fluid contains chemical additives which inhibit corrosion. These additives brake down over time, which only accelerates internal brake system components corrosion caused by the higher water content of the brake fluid.

At Oceanworks in Berkeley we offer brake fluid exchange (brake fluid flush). We will test the water content of the brake fluid in your vehicle to determine if it needs to be changed. If it has been more than 2 years since the last brake fluid change, give us a call. Brake fluid flush can be done along with oil service, so it is minimally inconvenient.

If you are not sure when we last changed brake fluid in your vehicle, give us a call, we can look it up in our database.

We offer convenient online appointments, or just call the shop directly.

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